Mobile app showcase

BOB's Mobile App UI Showcase

Welcome to the showcase of BOB – the ultimate mobile app for connecting male friends! BOB is designed to make it easy for men to find mates, join events, and participate in groups, all in a seamless and masculine environment. Below, you’ll find various sections of the BOB app that I’ve designed:

Project duration

3 weeks / 175+ screens

Tools used

Project description

The BOB mobile app project was completed on a tight schedule due to my client’s time constraints. The app’s main aim was to help men establish genuine male friendships by allowing them to connect with people nearby, join events, and participate in groups. Keeping this objective in mind, I approached the design process with efficiency and focus

Style guide

The BOB mobile app style guide features a masculine palette with shades of dark green, complemented by call-to-action buttons in a friendly yet masculine orange and dark cyan. Simple and bold typography adds to the app’s masculine aesthetic, while the use of orange brings a touch of friendliness to key elements.

Sign In / Profile Creation

This section encompasses the initial user journey, starting from sign-in and progressing through sign-up to profile creation. It offers a seamless experience for users to access the BOB app, create accounts, and personalise their profiles.

On-boarding screens

Profile creation

Mates Matching

The mates matching feature enables users to find potential friends in their area based on shared interests and activities, encouraging meaningful connections among male users.


Groups in the BOB app function as social feeds where users can join discussions, share content, and connect with like-minded individuals. This design encourages a sense of community and belonging among male users, promoting authentic connections and fostering friendships.



The events feature allows users to discover and join various social activities happening in their area. From sports events to networking meetups, BOB helps men connect through shared experiences.


The app also includes a chat feature, enabling users to engage in private conversations with their mates and group members.


In this section, you’ll find various screens and features not covered in the main sections, including but not limited to:

User profile / Settings

Event creation

Report system


The BOB mobile app showcases my ability to design a seamless and modern interface tailored to a specific target audience. With a focus on masculinity and functionality, BOB aims to revolutionise the way men connect and form friendships. Despite the tight timeframe, I delivered a robust and user-centric solution that meets the urgent needs of my client.

Thank you for reading!

Diana Cristina Iliescu