Mobile app showcase

Natter's Mobile App UI Showcase

Welcome to the showcase of Natter, your go-to app for improving personal well-being. Natter combines social networking with wellness tools, focusing on mental, physical, and social health. Below, explore the features I designed to foster connection, balance, and personal growth in an engaging community setting.

Project duration

3 weeks / 140+ screens

Tools used

Project description

Natter, originally a niche social media platform focused on men’s mental health, has successfully transitioned into an all-inclusive well-being app. I played a pivotal role in this transformation, expanding its scope to embrace a broader audience while enhancing its core features to cater to the diverse needs of its users.

The Challenge

The challenge was to redefine Natter without alienating its existing user base. My contribution involved reimagining the user interface to be more inclusive and supportive of a wider demographic. This included redesigning existing features and integrating new functionalities that promote mental, physical, and social well-being.

Style guide

Initially, Natter utilised a palette of black and light blue, colors traditionally associated with masculinity, aligning with the app’s original focus on men’s mental health.

With the evolution of Natter into a comprehensive well-being platform for all users, the color scheme was strategically updated to be more inclusive and supportive of a diverse user base. The new palette was chosen to be less gender-specific and promote a universal sense of calm and well-being.

In terms of typography, I updated the typography to enhance both style and readability. Century Gothic is now used for the main headings, giving them a modern, clean look. I kept Sen for subheadings to maintain some consistency with the previous design, and switched to Average Sans for paragraph text, improving legibility for extended reading.

Key features developed

  • Social Media Integration: Revamped to support a more diverse community, providing a platform for users to share their journeys and connect with others.
  • Groups: Enhanced group functionality to facilitate discussions and support networks based on various wellness aspects.
  • Wellness Tools:
    • Habit Tracker: Helps users develop and maintain healthy habits through daily prompts, keeping them engaged and encouraging consistent use.
    • Mood Tracker: Enables users to record and analise their emotional states over time, offering daily check-ins that foster self-awareness and emotional management.
    • Daily Quizzes: Engages users daily to reflect on their personal well-being, making the process of self-improvement both interactive and habitual.
  • Insights Tab: Offers users analytics and progress tracking on their well-being journey.


The redesign of the Natter app brings a fresh, modern look to the platform, making it more accessible and engaging for a wider audience. The updated design focuses on simplicity and usability, enhancing the overall user experience.

Thank you for reading!

Diana Cristina Iliescu