UX/UI Case Study

Nature's Pets WEBSITE redesign

Located in Preston, Lancashire, Nature’s Pets Ltd is a young small business which focuses on selling natural treats, supplements and toys for dogs and cats. During our time with this exciting project, we took a user-centric approach to redesign the current system.

Project duration

9 weeks / 55+ screens

My Role

UX Research, UX Design, UI Design

Tools used

Our task

Our job as a UX team was to firstly determine the information customers are first looking for when visiting the website and explore the most suitable ways of providing both users and the business with a personalised experience, while also keeping a focus on data collection

Additionally, we were tasked to provide a design solution to the current design problems associated with the website, based on research findings. Finally, it was our responsibility to create an easier and clearer user experience for Nature’s Pets’ users.

Initial business insights

Existing customers data

Target audience research

User interviews

Main takeaways

We needed to gain a deeper understanding of our target audience’s needs, along with their current experience while using the system. Because of this, we conducted a series of think-aloud interviews with pet owners

The notes taken were condensed and coded (e.g.: “Positives”, “Negatives”, “Recommendations”) and two affinity diagrams were created for the mobile version and respectively the desktop version interviews.

The results revealed major issues associated with the visibility, performance, design and wording aspects of the system. The feedback provided this far indicates that users may be driven away from the website as the website is losing credibility due to the issues encountered.


Heuristic evaluation

Previous user interviews revealed major usability issues, and therefore, we decided to run a thorough heuristic evaluation. This helped us cover and prioritise a larger range of issues that may drive users away from the site.

Personas & User stories summary


A new, young pet owner with limited experience, attempting to train her dog.



An older user with limited internet experience that requires orders rather than in-store pick-ups.



A busy adult looking for alternatives for caring for his dog’s strict dietary needs.


How might we...

Ensure that Mina finds the right products for the dog?
Give Marienne an easy experience while using the website?
Ensure Jai finds products that are safe for his dog?
+ 25 solutions

Brainstorming & Decision matrix

Crazy 8's

Once the previous steps were complete, we used the Crazy 8’s design method to quickly generate ideas for the homepage and shop, splitting the work among team members between desktop and mobile design.

This way, each one of us was able to express ideas and most importantly, collaboratively decide on the best features and layouts for the upcoming redesign.

User flow

Hi-Fi prototype

At this stage in the design process, we collaboratively split the work, and each team member was assigned three pages to design in both desktop and mobile version.


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The solution

One of our main tasks was to create a personalised experience on our client’s website, while also considering their need to collect data. During our ideation process, we settled on implementing a pet quiz, which would guide users to the most suitable products for their pets, while also collecting data about their pets and the information they look for.


User testing


Once the team was confident with the first prototype, I conducted usability testing and collaborated with a teammate to efficiently distribute tasks.

My focus was on testing the mobile version, where five users were invited to participate in think-aloud sessions. Participants shared their phone screens and provided valuable insights while verbalising their thoughts and reviewing the prototype.

Throughout the study, their actions and comments were observed and documented.


The mobile version received mixed opinions on various aspects of the prototype in terms of functionality and wording. Participants also made various recommendations in regards to the quiz feature, revealing valuable insights into real user needs.

Once the user feedback was analysed and written down, the rest of the team proceeded to the next stage, creating a style guide and mock-up prototypes based on the insights gained during the interviews.


Our project has significantly contributed to enhancing the user experience on our client’s website. Valuable insights were gathered during the user interviews, which will ultimately help boost Nature’s Pets conversion rates. While the design process remains ongoing, our efforts have successfully initiated the creation of a personalised experience for users.

What I would do differently

What I learned

...and more!
Thank you for reading!

Diana Cristina Iliescu